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Media rate negotiation

Do you know what rates are fair?  I would be willing to say no, but we do!  We’ve been negotiating rates for over 20 years for clients all over the country.

Depending on budget and goals, you may not be able to afford “number one” and you may have to walk.

Let’s face it, not everyone can afford a Lamborghini but you can enjoy the ride in your Toyota just fine!

Can you analyze ratings data and know what it means?

What is reach?  What is an acceptable reach?  What is frequency? What is an acceptable frequency?

What is cost per point?  What is an acceptable cost per point?

These terms are probably Greek to you but they are in our everyday

vocabulary so let us decipher the data and we’ll present you with an easy to

understand plan.

What makes for an effective campaign and placement?

Some easy steps:  use TV for reach; radio for frequency and above all, say the same thing everywhere.

KISS!  Keep it simple…well, you know!  Don’t try to cram five or six things into your commercial – the consumer likely won’t remember any of them.

Sell (and resell) the one most important benefit you want the consumer to remember.


What can make an ineffective campaign?

The all too familiar “spray and pray” approach and being spread too thin (being in too many places) and lack of focus.

When it comes to your advertising spend, we believe in filling three glasses full…as opposed to having ten glasses that are only 10% full.

Better to own one area than just make an appearance in several areas.  Oh, and refer back to the point above (one benefit)!


Why audit media invoices?

Plain and simple: to ensure that every one of your commercials runs on the exact day and at the exact time that you ordered it to run.

We have saved clients tens of thousands of dollars with our audit process.

A lot of planning goes into your campaign on the front side and we by auditing every commercial, we will ensure the campaign’s success on the back side.

Randy Rice has been in the advertising and media industry for over 40 years and has worked on both sides of the industry (at the station level and at the agency level). We are not cookie cutter and can develop an effective multi-media campaign specifically designed for your business.